03 October Tuesday

Centre Distorting History : Puthalath Dinesan

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Jan 12, 2023

Thenjipalam : The Central Government  is  attempting to destroy the country’s federal structure and  slice  states apart, said Deshabhimani Chief Editor Puthalath Dinesan,  addressing a seminar on “Federalism and Higher Education”  at the 52nd Anniversary event of the Calicut University.

The idea envisaged by the BJP is identical to the British’s yesteryear strategy of divide and rule. BJP came to power without so much as even offering an alternative policy.  They will surely secure a place in history for that uniqueness. The BJP  interprets history and then propagates and implements it, to suit their agenda.  The BJP is expanding power by creating a Hindutva consciousness via  history, culture and education,  The Centre has tied up hands of state governments by even shrinking their borrowing limits. Plus, the Centre’s aid to States is being rapidly reduced..

The most important developmental vision of the Left government is to take  Kerala forward as a knowledge society. If there must be advancement in scientific sense, there should be substantial investment in the field of higher education. That kind of investment is just what the State government has decided, while the Central government’s attempt ist to impede that  effort, said Puthalath Denesan.