29 November Tuesday

SDPI Not Under Ban; Centre’s Action Dubious

CorrespondentUpdated: Thursday Sep 29, 2022

NEW DELHI : The Centre’s and Sangh Parivar argument is flimsy in  that SDPI did not come under ban being a recognised political party. The Popular Front  and associate outfits were banned on basis  that any organisation can be banned  for engaging in terrorist activities or war against the country.

Sangh Parivar says since SDPI is  a recognised political party, it’s banning would reqquire prior approval of the  Election Commission(EC). That argument is intriguing given that, Election Commission is tasked with notheing else than conduct of elections, meaning  EC is not empowered to investigate. In fact, the Election Commission  relies on reports of investigation agencies under the Home Ministry to decide on matters.

SDPI being the political arm of PFI, it bears all characteristics of parent organisation.  If SDPI is found to have perpetrated terror activities it can be banned under UAPA and the action informed later to the Election Commission, said RVS Mani, who was a senior official with the Home Ministry.

Criticism is rife that sparing SDPI from ban stems from vested interests of the Sangh Parivar.