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CAG Must Be Unbiased, Sensitive Not Mechanical : CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Nov 21, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : CAG must be able to operate without fear or wish to grab  limelight, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. CAG bears the crucial responsibility of ensuring that government revenues and expenses are in line with established laws. Parliament and Assembly relies on findings of the CAG while making decisions -  the all more important reason why it should never become afflicted by any sort of interest, said CM speaking at the inaugural of audit under the aegis of C and G Kerala Field Officers in the capital.

CAG enjoys constitutional protection and unlike several other establishments is not founded on “favour”. This protection acts as armour to function competently and without bias. Although audit and assessment are beneficial elements, a section of officials are hesitant to act decisively. This has caused sort of paralysis in policy making at some point. If the malady becomes widespread, it will pull back progress of the country.

In the massive floods of 2018, everybody got together in model fashion for rescues and relief. However, some officials who took timely decisions so to reduce risk to lives, were subject to unfair criticisms, years later.   One must remember that, such criticisms will have an effect on officials from  departments that must potentially  act on war footing.

Audits must be one that take into account the gravity and necessity of specific situation. A mechanical approach is not suited in this regard. If view of the audit departments is available at time of taking decision, it would prevent officials from backing off for the fear of potential problems, said CM.

The event was presided over by Opposition Leader VD Satheesan. Other speakers were:  Minister KN Balagopal, MLAsE Chandrasekaran, Sunny Joseph, PrincipalAccountant General Dr.Biju Jacob, Pricipal AGG Sudharmini, Annie Cherian and NE Mathachan.