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Bombs - A Congress Heritage In Kannur : CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Jul 14, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : In Kannur, bombs are a  Congress heritage, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. The tradition of bomb attacks was set in  by Congress leaders,  who killed their  first victim - Kolangarath Raghavan, a beedi worker in  Panthakapara – with hurling of bomb.  Everybody knows who manufactured  variety of bombs,  exhibited them at DCC office and even went to the extent of  describing potency of each type  to the media, said CM in reply to adjournment motion in the Assembly.

Most attacks carried out  in Kannur were done by RSS, SDPI and the Popular Front. Congess remains unwilling to utter a word against any of them. Large number of Left workers have been killed. Several offices were attacked. The CPI(M) flag was burnt publicly and its visuals  spread on social media. Nine CPI(M) workers have been murdered since 2020 of which,  five were slain by the UDF. The Congress leaders never once condemned any of these killings or said any was wrong.  Instead, they took to protecting the culprits. And, the remaining four carried out RSS also saw  Congress staying queit each time, said CM.

There took place 1760 murders during the last UDF tenure, of which 35 were political,  including three where Congress men killed their own workers following group hostilities. Radha, a staff at Congress Block Office in Nilambur, was murdered inside the office and although her family, relatives and party workers accused high-level leaders for masterminding the kill, Congress protected them all.

There were 1516 murders perpetrated during the last LDF tenure of which 26 were politically motivated. There have happened 8 political murders after the current govt came to power, of which 4 were committed by the RSS, 3 by SDPI and 1 by Congress. Of those killed, 4 were CPI(M) workers. Legal proceedings were pursued in each and investigations at no point  was sabotaged. Police never went by face or political leaning of any culprit. Rather, all they  looked up was the law and its enforcment.  And that’s just how it continues to be, said CM.