29 February Saturday

Bodies Of Chengottukonam Natives Found Dead in Nepal, Arrive Home : T’Puram

Web Desk‌Updated: Friday Jan 24, 2020

Sreekaryam, THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : The bodies of NRI family found dead in Nepal’s Daman resort, have reached home in their native town  of Chengottukonam, in Trivandrum.

The bodies had initially arrived  at Trivandrum airport from Delhi at 1 am Friday from where they were shifted to mortuary at Trivandrum Medical college, before being transported  in ambulance to their house in a mourning procession.

The deceased were  were Praveen Kumar(39), wife Sharanya(34), daughter Sribadhra Archa(9) and son Abhi(7).

On 20 Jan, eight Malayalis were found dead in a resort in Daman  reportedly from inhaling toxic gas from the room’s heater. They were part of a 15-member tourists group who had vacationed in the hilly country and were on their way back, when the tragedy struck.

Praveen’s father underwent a cardiac bypass surgery only weeks back and news of the tragedy was not disclosed to him until yesterday.