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BJP Woman Worker Attempts Suicide At RSS Leader's House

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Sunday Dec 11, 2022

Paravur : A young BJP woman worker attempted to take her own life at the house of an RSS leader, for what she alleged was extorting money from her.  The woman in question is Kalaikode native. The incident occurred Saturday afternoon at the house of Puthakulam Chekanthazhikam Anoop - an RSS leader and Board member of the Poothakulam Nidhi Bank .

The woman arrived at Anoop’s house at 10 am Saturday and demanded that Anoop return her money. He refused.  The two then argued and Anoop walked out of the house. Later, the woman hanged herself inside the bedroom of his house.

Anoop returned but when he failed to find her in the house though it appeared she hadn’t left. He then found the bedroom door locked  and called out to her, but got no response. Anoop peeped through the window and found her hanging. He quickly  alerted police and neighbours who broke the door open and brought her down. The woman is currently being treated at Medical College hospital.