04 October Wednesday

BJP Trying To Convert Kerala Into Land of Hate: Thomas Isaac

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday May 27, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram : Fearful that Left government will return to power yet again, the UDF and BJP take stand against interests of the State, said Dr. Thomas Isaac. The former Finance Minister was inaugurating a mass rally and public meeting the LDF organised in Chrakankeezhu to explain the progress  so far and future development activities of the LDF govt.

It is BJP that hoards up black money. The ban on 2000-rupee note is to destabilise the Opposition. BJP is trying to make Kerala a land of hate. On the world stage, Kerala is on way to becoming a State where everyone has a home. Social security pension that stood at Rs 600 per month while UDF left, has been raised to Rs 1600 . The Central government has translated loan availed from KIIFB as Kerala’s public debt, said Dr. Isaac.

MLA V. Shashi presided at the function. Other speakers were : Minister V Sivankutty, V Joy MLA, CPI-M District Secretary R Ramu, District Committee Members R Subhash, A Shailajabegam, S Lenin, Mullashery Madhu, CPI State Council Member Manoj B Idamana, CPI Constituency Secretary D Titus, Mangalore Shafi, K Shaji, Poojappura Radhakrishnan, Korani Sanal and K Pushkaran.