02 February Thursday

BJP Made Pacts With Congress and Muslim League; Vote Exchanges Meant To Defeat Communists: Rajagopal

Special CorrespondentUpdated: Thursday Mar 18, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram: In a not-so-shocking revelation, former Union minister and BJP veteran, O Rajagopal  has come clean  on  BJP's covert pact  with Congress and  Muslim League in Kerala. In the past, BJP  flipped its votes  to Congress in order to defeat communist candidates, he said adding that,  CPI(M) is BJP’s major rival in Kerala.

 BJP has worked agreements  with both Congress and Muslim League before., Rajagopal said in his interview with  a television channel. These pacts, done with consent of central leadership, have helped  BJP with electoral gains, he said. In the talk, he dismissed R Balashankar’s  allegation of BJP “deal” with CPI(M) as baseless.

BJP’s  made regional tie-ups with Congress and Muslim League in the past; It helped augment BJP votes in Manjeswaram and Ottapalam. At that time, votes were flipped over saying “Wont win anyway, then why not defeat communists instead of wasting the vote”, he said. But, those were initial days. BJP has grown considerably since, said Rajagopal.

BJP tied up with Congress mostly in Kerala’s northern districts. Adjustments are essential in practical politics. Letting the leadership know will suffice. There is no need to divulge it to the public, said an unusually frank  Rajagopal.

In the interview,  Rajagopal denied R Balasankar’s allegation of being refused Chengannur seat owing to a “deal” between BJP and CPI(M).

The ill-famed pact between BJP and Muslim League had taken place during 1991 elections. Although CPI(M) pointed out the collusion at the time,  both BJP and Congress maintained state of denial. These revelations are of extreme significance, not only because they come from a party senior such as O Rajagopal, but also because it speaks of the Nemom pact owing to which, he won seat for BJP with Congress votes in the Assembly elections of 2016. It is also a hitback to Oomen Chandy and Ramesh Chennithala who ranted much backing Balasankar’s false allegation.

Incidentally, the BJP-Congress tie-ups for vote exchange was revealed in BJP leader KG Marar’s biography.  In his book titled “KG Marar - Rashtiyathile Sneha Sagaram(KG  Marar - The Sea of Love in Politcs)”,  BJP leader and journalist Kunjikannan formally affirms  CoLeBi alliance under the chapter “Pazhaye Pareekshanam(Wasted Experiment)”.