20 January Thursday

Havala Money Probe Points To BJP Leadership; Complainant Dharmaraj A RSS Worker

Web Desk (TVM)Updated: Thursday Apr 29, 2021

Thrissur : Investigation into havala money robbery in Kodakkara points to  BJP and RSS leadership in state. The complainant claiming robbery  is a RSS worker,  Rural SP Punkazhuli told reporters on Thursday.  More money than was originally claimed has been  seized, the SP added.

A testimony claimed  Yuva Morcha leader, Sunil Naik  transported the money to Dharmaraj. Based on the statement, police are now questioning Sunil who has also formerly served as  Yuva Morcha treasurer.

Meanwhile, Dharmaraj told media he was a regular at  RSS branch right from his boyhood days.  His admission of RSS link comes even as  BJP denies any link to the money in question.