20 January Thursday

Krishnadas Faction Rubbishes Surendran’s Stand; BJP Infighting Gets Full-Blown Over Sprinklr Issue

ES SubashUpdated: Friday Apr 24, 2020

KOCHI : The infighting that began with K Surendran’s ascend to party presidency, has  transformed into open showdown with to-and-fro bickering on Sprinklr issue. A few days back, BJP state president, K Surendran,  petitioned the High Court urging Vigilance inquiry into Sprinklr deal. Soon enough, State General Secretary TM Ramesh, Vice President AN Radhakrishnan hit out at the move openly.


With lockdown fetters, the war is being played on social media. “What  could be more optimum that a  CBI investigation into  Sprinklr deal ? ” taunted TM Ramesh on his Facebook page. Krishnadas pitched in declaring that, it is purposeless to have a probe if  not by a central agency. K Surendran rose to the occasion and  slammed the duo stating, it is people ignorant of law and its provisions, that demand CBI investigation.


Last year, Krishnadas faction fought tooth and nail to prevent K Surendran elation as party president. Post the happening, TM Ramesh proclaimed that K Surendran’s presidentship  was unacceptable and, will not be acknowledge. Ramesh went as far to say, he and a few others will accept no office under the new head. True this to vow, two other party heavyweights AN Krishnadas and Shoba Surendran have refused to take up any post to-date.


The defiance is played out in Kochi where confrontational activities are carried out regularly with help from  an RSS faction there. Though not in spotlight anymore, AN Radhakrishnan periodically holds press meets, mostly to denounce K Surendran’s doings.


Wars on social media are a hit with the rebels. K Surendran’s visit to Trivandrum, flouting lockdown orders,  snowballed to huge controversies mostly from enormous rants on social media. Radhakrishnan faction  even fuelled the view that that K Surendran in effect backs the ruling govt and the Chief Minister.



Divisions inside BJP has been brewing for a years now. However open confrontations like the one now, is less common. Indications now are, that pent-up hostilities will prove explosive for BJP, once the ongoing lockdown unwinds.