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The report cites glaring discrepancies in Dharmarajan's complaint and later testimonies

Havala Money Smuggled In As Per Leaders’ Instructions; Police Submits Report To Court

C. A. PrmachandranUpdated: Wednesday Jun 16, 2021

Thrissur : Police on Tuesday submitted its report to court affirming that the money robbed in  staged accident at Kodakkara had  arrived via havala pipeline. The money was transported in on instructions of BJP state secretary Ganesh and office secretary  Girishan, said the report. The money originated from Karnataka, the Special Investigation Team(SIT) told Irinjalakuda Magistrate Court.

The probe team in its submission, opposed havala carrier Dharmarajan’s plea to have the robbed money returned to him. The probe findings underscored links of BJP seniors to the havala racketeers. The money Dharmarajan transported was meant to be handed to BJP’s Alappuzha district treasurer KG Karta, says the report, adding that, the illicit funds were purposed for the party’s election activities.

The BJP office bearers in Thrissur pulled up 4th accused Deepak to party office and issued threats - a turn that proved hindrance to investigations, said the report.

BJP leaders Sujayasenan and Kashinath reached the accident spot within minutes of the robbery and instead of calling police, they took Dharmarajan and accompanying Shamjeer to the district committee office. Although the incident took place on 4th  of April, Dharmarajan lodged a police complaint only on the 7th, . The gap was used  destroy evidence, said police report.

Police also pointed out discrepancies in Dharmarajan’s original complaint and his testimonies later. Dharmarajan in his plea said,  of the total 3.5 crore rupees, 3.25 cr belonged to him and the remaining Rs 25 lakh to Sunil Naik. However, police affirmed Dharmarajan was only a mere carrier of the entire havala money.

Dharmarajan in his original complaint with police claimed Rs 25 lakh was looted in Kodakkara. It was after the probe team seized Rs 1.5 crore that Dharmarajan changed his version to Rs 3.5 crore. The court will hear arguments on the case on  23rd.