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BJP Governance Meant for Corporates and Religious State: Kodiyeri

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Jan 3, 2022

Idukki : BJP’s governance at Centre is meant for fostering corporates and religious state; The elections next time  should end their rule, said CPI(M) State Secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, speaking at the inaugural CPI(M) District Sammelanam(conclave) in Idukki.

BJP and Modi are implementing RSS policy. They aim to destroy the country’s secularism and build a religious state. Excess power is hallmark of Modi’s governance. To keep it that way, the corporates are being helped to thrive to maximum extent possible.  A governance for the corporates, at behest of corporates. Adani and Ambani are augmenting their diverse assets in this country that has  60 percent of world’s poor.

They are opening all sectors to multi-national monopolies. The policy now is to allow 100  foreign capital  investment in strategic sectors. Law had been framed to invite foreign investments into the agricultural sector too.  The government however felt compelled to repeal the law under pressure from farmers and workers’ protest. That kind of class struggles are bound to transform the country  CPI(M), other Left parties and secular establishments must lend leadership to such movements, said Kodiyeri.

Congress, the main Opposition party, is unable to resist  BJP or RSS. It is at loss to push back communalism or the Hindutva agenda, said Kodiyeri.