19 July Friday

BJP Goondaraj in Tripura, There Must Arise Strong Protest: MV Govindan

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Mar 11, 2023

Kottayam : Party workers must raise strong protest against BJP attacks on Tripura’s  Opposition MPs from CPI(M), said State Secretary MV Govindan.

There ensued attack on CPI(M) Rajya Sabha leader Elamaram Kareem  Western region of Bishalgarh in Tripura. One of the vehicles the MP travelled by was torched. Two others were vandalised.  The violence against  the Opposition is reminiscent of semi-fascist excesses. BJP’s goondaraj currently rules the roost.  The law and order situation has collapsed.

When attacks are set against even an MP’s group, one can imagine what freedom there is left for an  ordinary Party worker. The Governor Satyadev Narayan Arya's refusal to meet with the MP’s group is highly objectionable.

CPI(M) and Congress MPs  had arrived to take firsthand stock of the lawlessness in Tripura , so they are able to present it authentically in the Parliament. The BJP, that's managed to retain power  by a slim majority, is attacking homes and shops of  Opposition party workers in a bid  to crush  resurgence of the Left. Shops and houses are  set on fire on widescale.

When BJP coalition won in 2018, it had launched attacks in similar manner However in doing so,  it could neither annihilate CPI(M) or the Left nor stop the Left from pulling back BJP advancement - the reason why it is now hounding the Opposition fiercely., said MV Govindan, speaking with the media during Janakeeya Prathirodha Jatha(People’s Resistance Rally) in Kottayam.