02 December Wednesday

BJP Workers Act Out “Funeral Rites” For Co-worker In Pandalam

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Oct 28, 2020


Pandalam:  In an amusing retribution, BJP workers in Pandalam acted out ‘last rites’ for a  co-worker at his doorstep.

The ‘funeral rites’ were performed under cover of darkness on Monday night and targeted  former BJP regional leader MC Sadashivan, who was an active party member and resided at at Shiva Bhavan in Pandalam’s Mulambuzha.

In the symbolic death ritual drama, the miscreants  carpeted a patch at Sadasivan’s  threshold with cow dung, placed a cauldron upturned and spread 6 balls of rice over it. Two raw bananas too were laid beside  and a RSS flag stood fitted on the patch. The cauldron for the ‘ritual’ was stolen from the nearby house.

In the area, owing to differences over recent party re-organisation, Sadasivan and a few others had  kept out of active engagement in party affairs. As hostilities escalated into full-blown war on social media, the local leadership too lost grip of the situation.

Amid all these, several BJP workers around Pandalam recently quit the party to join CPI(M).

Police reached the ‘symbolic funeral’ site and initiated proceedings.