02 March Tuesday

BJP Buying Congress in Price Bargains : CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Feb 22, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram: Unfolding in Puthucherry was a deal struck between people who put democracy on sale and those waiting to buy it., said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. It is a shameful chapter in the history of Indian democracy.

BJP is buying Congress with negotiations on  price.  It has now become routine for BJP to harvest power taking advantage of the moral decay and organisational degeneration that has gripped Congress firmly.

BJP’s modus operandi of replacing democracy with money dominance and religious fanaticism is a dangerous game. It is now a habit with them to overturn  democracy. Much of Congress leadership stands reduced to commodities one may cart away with money or lure of positions.

And the poaching series is an indication of just how polluted politics can get due to individual’s greed for power and money.

MLAs who contested and won polls on Congress ticket have no qualms slipping into BJP camp in a jiffy. What plight can be worse for a party than having to lock up its legislators en masse in resorts,  to prevent them from biting the money bait?

Congress asks public to vote them in order to block BJP.  The party should also do some explaining on what fate awaits people’s vote, given that there are many queued up to win polls  on Congress ticket and then  cross over to BJP?  There is not much hope from a party whose leaders are ready to surrender their politics and people’s trust in exchange for money..

With Congress now transformed into commodities buyable by BJP, the Left democratic forces becomes the only  arena of counter politics. Puthucherry is a reminder that it is essential to strengthen left democratic forces that stands unwaveringly for protecting democracy, secularism and  development in state, said CM on  official Facebook page.