16 August Tuesday

Big Haul : Rs 1.40 Cr Gold Seized at Kannur Airport

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Friday Jun 10, 2022

Kannur ; Customs on Thursday seized 2216 gm gold worth over Rs 1.40 corre at Kannur airport .  Koothuparambu Kannavam native, Muhammad Aashfil was arrested with 849 gm gold while 1867 gm was recovered from Puliyanabram native, Parmbanraveed Abdul Rafiqh.

Aashfil had brought from Dubai  gold mixed with roll gold, weighing a total of 1019 gm, Of these, 849 were found to be made in gold. Abdul Rafiqh arrived from Abu Dhabi and the 1867 gm gold was concealed inside of an emergency lamp.  Air Intelligence Unit of Customs Dept conducted the search .