04 August Tuesday

“Was Asleep, Can’t Recollect What Happened, Balabhaskar Said" ; Dr Faizil’s Revelation, A Significant Lead

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Aug 1, 2020


Thiruvananthapuram : In an important  lead, the doctor first to attend  Balabhaskar  after the fatal car crash said, when asked what happened, the violinist said he was sleeping in the car and was unable to comprehend what took place.

Balabhaskar was conscious for up to 10 minutes after which relatives reached the scene and shifted him to another hospital, Dr Faizil who recorded  the musician's dying declaration at  Thiruvananthapuram Medical College said.

The doctor said he recognised Balabhaskar as soon as he arrived at the hospital. His condition was critical but remained conscious for about 10 minutes. The musician said he was unable to move his hands, a matter Dr. Fazil recorded in his case sheet. A short while later, his relatives arrived and insisted upon shifting  Balabhaskar and his wife to a different hospital.

The doctor’s revelation regarding a sleeping Balabhaskar  is an important  pointer to the fact that he  was not riding the car when the crash occurred.