28 January Saturday

Sabarinadhan in Soup : Notice Sent For Questioning His Role In Attack On CM Aboard Plane

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Jul 18, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Former MLA KS Sabarinadhan has been sent  notice to  for questioning, in connection with on-flight attack on Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayam.  Sabarinadhan is required to appear at SP office in Shankumugam at 10 am tomorrow.

Chats were out from Youth Congress’s official WhatsApp group, pointing to Sabarinadhan as the person who ordered  the attack on CM that took place on Kannur – Thiruvananthapuram Inidigo flight on June 16. The WhatsApp chats will prove to be crucial piece of evidence in the conspiracy case.

In the chat, the Youth Congress state vice president  says  “CM is coming from Kannur. Two people must board the plane ”.  Sabarinadhan then goes to describe the perceived hopelessness of the situation.  “CM will not be able to get out of  the plane,” chats  the ex-MLA.

Youth Cong state president Shafi Parambil is the group admin.  In the chat, leaders are heard encouraging the attack. One comment says  “Attack onboard flight would be dramatic. Hence, it doesn’t matter how high the ticket fares might be.”

The WhatsApp group comprises about 109 leaders. Youth Congress logo is the Display Picture(DO). The chat also asks Rijil Makutty to make all required arrangements on the Kannur end, adding that, Sabarinadhan would be at the front in Thiruvananthapuram to welcome the attackers.