28 January Saturday

Attack on AKG Centre : Youth Congress Mandalam President In Custody

Web Desk(TvmUpdated: Thursday Sep 22, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram  : Youth Congress Mandalam president is nabbed in connection with attack on AKG Centre that involved hurling explosive device into the premises. In custody for the crime is Attipri Mandalam Youth Congress president Jitin.

The attack took place on 30 June and the investigations were transferred to Crime Branch. The main lead comprised CCTV footages in the area surrounding  AKG Centre.  

Visual Clues: In the images, a suspect on bike is seen approaching AKG Centre from Kunnukuzhy road . He rides up to the gate as if to surveil and returns. At this point there is nothing but him on the bike. The man re-emerges a couple of minutes later, again from Kunnukuzhy road, but this time, there is a plastic bag on his bike, meaning he collected the bag for his final trip somewhere along the way. That also indicates he has had accomplices for his twisted plan.

Jitin is currently being questioned at the Crime Branch office.