01 June Thursday

Assembly Ruckus: Case Against Opposition. MLAs

Web Desk‌Updated: Thursday Mar 16, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram : The Museum Police Station in Thiruvananthapuram booked case against Opposition MLAs  for barging into the Speaker’s office and beating up the Watch and Ward personnel. The case was registered over complaint lodged by the woman  Watch and Ward. Named in the case are MLAs  Roji M John, Anoop Jacob, PK Basheer, Uma Thomas, KK Rema and IC Balakrishnan.

Charges include assaulting personnel on duty, making threats, gang attack etc.  Meanwhile, in a complaint received from Chalakudy MLA Saneesh, the Museum Police also booked case against  H. Salam, Sachindev and Chief Marshal Moiddeen.