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Assam Atrocities Are BJP Government’s Manhunt Targeting Minorities : CPI(M)

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Friday Sep 24, 2021

New Delhi : Police atrocities carried out in Assam are state BJP government’s manhunt of the minorities, said CPI(M).  Cops in Dolpur village of Darang district unleashed cruel excesses  in the name of land encroachment against farmers who for decades have toiled on lands. Two persons were killed in the police violence.

The assaults carried out are based on communally-laced pre-mediated plan targeting Muslims in the region, CPI(M) Politburo  said in a statement. It is a direct attack on the constitution of India that guarantees the right to safety and equality.  A judicial investigation should be launched in the incident.. Action should be taken against cops responsible for the violence. Evictions in the region should stop immediately. Solatium should be given to families of the dead, said Politburo,  adding that, it endorses solidarity for all secular-democratic forces fighting BJP’s hate politics.

In the incident, police opened fire on villagers of Dolpur who protested against the eviction drive. Most residents in the region are  Bengali-speaking Muslims. A video showing evicted families sheltering from rains under shoddily built tents circulated on social media. According to local news, roughly 2000 people from 800 families have been uprooted from the area.

When police descended on Dolpur village on Thursday,  several resident villagers raised protest against evictions. Police reacted by mercilessly  thrashing  the slogan-shouting crowd. Nine policemen were injured in stonepelting  that ensued. There is growing criticism over evicting these people amid Covid conditions.

This is the second eviction round in three months now.  Earlier, police forced out over 800 families from Dolpur Bazar, and West Chub  area on Monday.  Prior to that, in the month of June, over 49 Muslim families and one Hindu family were evicted. The Assam Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, congratulated police over the evictions.