04 February Saturday

Arun Goel’s Appointment As Election Commissioner; Files Submitted To Supreme Court

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Thursday Nov 24, 2022

New Delhi : The Attorney General on Thursday submitted to the Supreme Court the files in connection with snap  appointment of self-retired IAS Arun Goel as Election Commissioner. The apex court had demanded files to look up what was involved after it asked the Attorney General “how did shortlist of 4 eligible names shrink to one?‘ and other such doubts.

The files were submitted to the 5-member Constitutional Bench headed by Justice KM Joseph that said, the appoint process must be transparent.

Arun Goel took voluntary retirement on  18th November, was appointed as Election Commissioner on the 19th and took charge  on 20 Nov.

Besides, the appointment came even as the Supreme Court  petition relating to appointing of Election Commissioner was still pending with the top court.

The defense pointed out that it was customary to appoint retired hands as Election Commissioner. The Supreme Court asked what the ‘tearing urgency’ for this sort of hasty  appointment.

The case will be again heard on Thursday.