23 September Saturday

APJ Abdul Kalam Univ Of Science & Technology - Cabinet Decides Acquisition Of 50 Acres

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Aug 3, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Of the 100 acres identified for APJ Abdul Kalam University, 50 acres shall go toward development of university campus and the remaining 50 shall be acquired via KIIFB  funding,  for housing  government/govt-controlled establishments handling technology projects  in a campus named Abdul Kalam University of Technology and patterned after Trust Research park, the cabinet decided on Wednesday.

Other decisions
Ration kit commissions : The cabinet decided to clear all commission arrears due to ration shop owners with regard to distribution of ration kits. A total of 85,29,179 food kits were distributed via ration shops in the year 2021 at a 5-rupee  commission rate oper kit.  Rs 4,26,45,895 shall be set aside for setting that due.

Amnesty for 33 prisoners : In commemoration of 75th Independence day,  it shall be propositioned to the  Governor to grant release of 33 prisoners found eligible for such remission.

Police post shuffles : It has  been decided to shift one Inspector post from the 5th battalion of KAP to the X Cell at police headquarters.  Also, the post of Cinema Operator shall be annulled and replaced with post for one Civil Police Officer(C{O) in X Cell at police headquarters.  Further, it has been decided to scrap posts of Mason, PC(Thiruvananthapuram city), Roniyo Operator (police headquarters), draftsman, electrical(telecommunications headquarters).