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Anumol’s Death: Brijesh Appeared Normal and Maintained Story of Wife Leaving Home

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Thursday Mar 23, 2023

Kattappana: After murdering his wife Anumol, Brijesh  made elaborate efforts to make it appear that the victim had left home of her own.  Anumol(Valsamma) had close relations with certain people, Brijesh told people to create confusion.  Still,  it made people wonder why  Valsamma, a teacher who was meticulous and shared cordial relations with all, did not show up at the school anniversary function nor bothered to call anyone or inquire about her only child.   When police failed to make progress in their case, Valsamma’s family took it on themselves to conduct a search,   bringing her  gruesome end to light.

Valsamma's body was found wrapped in a blanket, tucked under the cot in the couple’s bedroom. The horrible discovery was made on Tuesday close to 6.30 pm evening. . Bijesh is a pickup driver in Kanchiar. The two had married six years ago and have a five-year-old daughter AAlnamaria .

According to relatives, Anumol and Brijesh had a quite some domestic problems and the marriage was rocky. Valsamma told her family several times she could not put up anymore.  Valsamma had confided in ther  paternal aunt Salomi residing in Mascot that, she could no longer stay in the marriage. Valsmma’s last ever WhatsApp message too had been to  Salomi on Friday night. .
Nobody heard from Valsamma again. Her phone was appeared switched off. Valsmma was a teacher at  FC Convent Jyoti Pre-Primary School, Kanchiyar Pallikavala. It was Saturday and  the  school had its anniversary celebrations on the  day. But Valsamma did not turn up. To all those who asked, Brijesh tsaid,  Valsamma had left for school Saturday morning as usual and never returned.

After Valsamma’s disappearance Brijesh went about normally,  drawing no  suspicions whatever to himself.  However, when several days passed without any phone call or message about Valsamma’s whereabouts, her family grew desperate.

The couple’s home in Pezhumkandam was locked from outside. On Tuesday, Valsamma’s father John and her brother Alex kicked open the backdoor on the kitchen side. A foul odour emanated from the bedroom and they pulled out from under the cot, the source of the smell- a blanket wrapped around something. . As they  moved the sheet, they first saw a human hand.  They raised an alarm and ran out of the house. Neighbours, who heard the screams called in police. Kattapanna DySP VA Nishad and team arrived and later took Brijesh into custody.