29 May Monday
Harita leaders complain against sexually vulgar talk, PK Navas, Muslim League, PK Kunjalikutty,

Anti-women Incentive : Punishment For Harita Complainants

P. V JijoUpdated: Wednesday Aug 18, 2021

Kozhikode : League comes to the aid of its junior leaders exhibiting disdain for their women counterparts with sexually-tinged comments and spite. In reinforcement of the party’s anti-women stance, the League halted function of Harita – the  women’s wing  of its Muslim Students Federation(MSF).

Incidentally, the girl students who raised allegations are either daughters or relatives of League leaders themselves. The offended women first submitted their grievance to League leadership, however, with no response forthcoming, they approached the Women’s Commission in the regard – a development that League denounced strongly as anti-party move.

Notably, the League action of freezing Harita activities comes within hours of MK Muneer’s assurance that there would be no  disciplinary action on the topic. Some, including Ahmed Kutty and much of the women leadership are of the view that the matter deserves discussions.  Also a report by MSF All India President TP Ashraf against the state president was ignored. In any case, the developments  are likely to deepen Group divisions within League and transform into weapons against PK Kunjalikutty. The topic is set to capture debate at Sub Committee meeting slated Wednesday.