16 October Saturday
More people are set to come away from Congress, said former KPCC General Secretary

Anti-communism Is Hallmark Of Congress; Assumed Spectator's Role When Secularism Crumbled : KP Anil Kumar

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday Sep 15, 2021

Kozhikode : Congress is  helpless and  remains a mere spectator as Sangh Parivar tears apart the country’s secularism, said former KPCC General Secretary KP Anil Kumar. The Congress has only an onlooker’s role. Many made attempts to salvage the party. However, Rahul Gandhi, KC Venugopal and leaders in Kerala suppress or oust anyone who might voice their opinion, said KP Anil Kumar, speaking at the reception meeting held at Kozhikode District Committee office following his decision to work for CPI(M).

The current trend is  one that's something never experienced before. Anti-communism has now become the hallmark of Congress. We had been taught that Communist party is the worst there is. However, CPI(M) leaders and  party workers ring a totally different message. CPI(M) workers  are an epitome of dedication and sincerity. By contrast, in Congress, one is on constant alert about who might stab from behind.

Those  dubbing me as waste  are people who once stood begging in front of AKG Centre. No body has forgotten yesterday. At the time when Indira Gandhi’s ashes were immersed,  K Sudhkaran commented that it polluted Payambalam beach.  What right does Muraleedharan have to speak about code of conduct ? Muraleedharan need not give me lessons on discipline given how he had once branded Congress president as a foreigner(മദാമ്മ) and Ahmed Patel as aluminum and went  as far as saying AK Antony should be thrashed after being bound to tripod, said Anil Kumar.

Sudhakaran proclaimed he would corss over to   BJP if necessary. And, how can minorities here come to trust Congress given that it’s steered by Sudhakaran.  On leaving Congress I decided to join CPI(M) owing to my secular nature, said Anil Kumar.

More people are set to come away from Congress. None of them would be power-hungry individuals. When ending 43 years of my association with Congress, I decided to work for CPI(M) because I agree with its policies and  perception, said Anil Kumar. I shall work dedicatedly toward any responsibility that may be entrusted to me by the party, he said at the event..