04 June Sunday

Anti-CAA Protest Purely In Interest of The Nation. Yechury Tells Media

Web Desk‌Updated: Saturday Jan 18, 2020

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : Shoving aside speculation on any political motive, CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury told reporters that, protest against Citizenship Amendment Act(CA) is purely for protecting interests of the country.  Ongoing stage of the protests  is now crucial and members across political parties must unite rising above regional politics. There is no such intention as formation of a larger national front for election purposes, he clarified.

Protests to preserve secular fabric of the nation has reached a turning point. In spite of political differences, the Congress and Left stand united on the national level. Then why the refusal to cooperate with Left in Kerala, is a question Congress here should answer, Yechury said.

We must open eyes to the situation our country is plunged into. There is a huge fight happening to uphold the country as a republic and its constitution. This is the time to shake off narrow politics and thoughts on electoral gains .

In this broad spirit, the state will conduct three major events this month. Celebrations and awareness campaigns shall be held to commemorate Netaji Subash Chandrabose’s birth anniversary on 23rd, Republic Day  on 26th and Anniversary Mahatma Gandhiji’s martyrdom on the 30th January. This is not any call from a particular political party. Hence there is no invite from or to anyone . All those wishing to protect the country’s  Constitution shall come together. Anyone opposing the ominous CAA are welcome to join the  events.

The Centre attempts to suppress countrywide protests with heavy police crackdown. Cops stormed into JNU campus without Vice Chancellor’s permission to attack students there. Police excesses are rampant in BJP-ruled states. 21 protesters were killed in Uttar Pradesh, three in Assam and 2 in Cantonment area. Footages showing police damaging properties are out and yet, vandalisation cases have been mounted on innocent protesters.

Military Chief coming up to talk politics reflects weakness on part of the govt, Yechury said. He was speaking at a press meet in the state capital.