04 December Saturday
The state leadership has a tendency for shielding corrupt persons, said Balachandran

Another Resignation In Congress : KPCC Working Committee Member PV Balachandran Quits Party

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Tuesday Oct 5, 2021

Wayanad : In continued exodus, another Congressman quits the party. A resignation severing ties with Congress has now come from KPCC Working Committee member PV Balachandran.

Congress has lost voice at national level; people would not stand by this party anymore, said Balachandran. DCC’s appointment of a probe commission to lookup Urban Bank corruption is meant to  whitewash MLA Balakrishnan in the incident, he added.

IC Balakrishnan accepted bribe for making bank  appointments. The state leadership has a leaning for protecting corrupt individuals, said Balachandran.

Balachandran had  raised flag on corruption by former DCC president and MLA, IC Balakrishnan earlier too.