31 March Friday

Anil K Antony, A Product Of Congres's Soft Hindutva: MV Govindan

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Jan 25, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram  : Anil Antony’s proo-RSS standpoint is not surprising, said  CPI(M) State Secretary MV Govindan.  After all, Anil Antony  belongs  K Sudhakaran’s party that slips several Congressmen into BJP camp with its pro-RSS leaning. Responses reflect ideology. Soft Hindutva is Congress ideology, said  MV Govindan speaking  in Kannur.

It is tyranny to be wishing nobody that one dislikes should exist . That’s part of Hitler and Nazism. BBC research into Gujarat genocide found Narendra Modi as responsible. It is fascism to be arguing that  speaking of it in a democratic manner  is anti-national.  Such attitude amounts to saying “I am the nation”. Prohibitions cannot fetter thoughts. CPI(M) is of the view that the documentary should be watched world over, said   MV Govindan.