04 June Sunday

All Measures Shall Be Pursued Against Violent Perpetrators; Not in the Habit of Yielding To Quotation and Goonda Gangs: CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Mar 3, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram :The attempt here is to throw up a big smokescreen. If dubiousness and conspiracy theories be set aside, it is clear the Motion has nothing of substance, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan responding to T Siddique’s  notice for  adjournment motion in  the Assembly on Friday.

There’s no lenient view on quotation gangs and challenges they pose. The government will take all lawful action to put an end to such activities.  The notice presented here however, lacks anything solid if dubiousness and conspiracy theories be shoved aside, said CM.

The Left, CPI(M) in particular, does not function in the shadows of gangsters or quotation gangs. Neither it is our habit to give in to a person who is himself  involved in doings not acceptable to the society, or the Party referred here.

We cannot claim that everybody who comes into our Party are free of all flaws. Each is  human and could possess  some weaknesses typical to humans . Wherever possible corrections will pursued else it would be followed up with required action.

Some people exhibit great animosity toward  the Party while pointing out faults. They do it with a sense of  relishing it and glorifying wrongdoers.

 It is not in our culture to arrange loopholes for gangsters to slip through. The police have full powers to take action in these matters.

How do those once described as criminals, smugglers and quotation gangsters, at a certain point become  dear to you?  One can see a kind of frenzy to glorify words of these characters and use them to attack the government, said CM.

With regard to Shuhaib murder that occurred in Kannur on 12 Feb 2018, the police regisgtered a case by the no.  202.2018, completed nvestigations and has filed chargesheet in  court. The investigations that police conducted were free and fair. Over a lakh phone calls were examined to build evidence, based on which,  police nabbed the killers, accomplices and conspirators involved. There are 17 accused in the case.

Charges  are filed under relevant sections of IPC 120(b) that includes conspiracy and also sections of Explosive Substances Act and that of the Indian Arms Act. The cuse is pending before the Additional Sessions Court in Thalassery.

During the course of investigations, the parents of the deceased approached High Court seeking CBI investigations into the murder. On 7 March 2018, the Single Bench handed them a favourable verdict. The government approached the Division Bench citing how police investigations in the case were free and fair. Noting that there were no reasons seeable as to why CBI involvement was essential, the Division Bench stayed the Single Bench order.  The parents then went to Supreme Court where their petition was eventually rejected.

A 12-member Special Investigation Team was constituted and the Kannur District Police Chief was put in charge of overseeing investigations.  Involvement of accused no. 1 to 11 was investigated and chargesheet filed on 14 May 2018. Investigations into role of accused 12 to 17 were completed  later and chargesheet submitted on 21 January 2019.

At no point of time during investigations or while filing of final report, did the petitioners approach the Magistrate Court or High Court expressing concern about the investigation. Also,  it was affirmed that the claim of “investigations  not transparent” could not be sustained.

All people involved in the murder conspiracy were arrested and brought to justice without difference to their political orientations. First to the fourth accused spent over an year in judicial custody. Their bail later in April of 2019 came with strict conditions.

The bail condition asserts, the accused “shall not be involved in any other crime” while the case impends. However, the first accused violated this term and became involved in yet another crime. The police then approached the court on 17 Feb 2023 for cancellation of bail, CM told the House.