05 June Monday

" You've Not Understood Pinarayi Well; Don’t Try To Scare Communists Citing Jail”: CM Blasts PT Thomas

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Jan 14, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram  :PT Thomas has not understood Pinarayi Vijayan  well, slammed Chief Minister responding to an adjournment motion moved by  him on Thrusday. The Opposition leader is unable to control the presenter to this motion,  as he belongs to a group other than his, said  CM. Don’t try to scare Communists citing jail; these hands are clean, said CM with palm placed on chest. .

My going to jail is a mere fantasy. All agencies put together have not come across any wrongdoing on part of this government, CM pointed out.

It is state government that demanded in-depth probe and stringent action in the gold smuggling case, CM told the House. PT Thomas’s talk in the Assembly is meant to unnecessarily drag even  my family members into unwarranted controversy. Nobody can comfort Gibel’s disciples and  Chennithala is incapable of reining in the person in question., said CM adding that, ‘Though not involved, at least KC Joseph should be able to control PT Thomas.’

A case currently dealt by central agencies is being converted into a political issue by PT Thomas. “You have not understood Pinarayi Vijayan yet; I belong to the genre of a different kind. My daughter’s wedding was held at the Cliff House in its large hall  known to everybody. Swapna Suresh never attended that ceremony,” said CM. Nobody in my family has been questioned by any agency. I not the kind who falls for money, said CM.

The House should not be made a venue to vent just any kind of outburst. There were numerous attempts to incriminate me in the Lavalin case. It is because my hands are clean that I am able to talk about it the way I do. When there were  untoward incidents, I initiated proceedings against Sivasankar. In which case is LIFE Mission CEO U.V Jose. arraigned ? These are imaginings of a distorted mind. Similarly, CV Raveendran has not been incriminated in any case whatsoever, said CM.

CM asked the Opposition to jog its memory asking ‘During whose tenure did M Sivasankar become KSEB Chairman and Secretary to State Electricity ?” Sivasankar was conferred with IAS  under AK Antony government, CM pointed out The chief minister was responding to adjournment motion moved by PT Thomas related to the gold smuggling case.