09 December Friday

Actress Assault Case : Supreme Court Allows Time Up To 31 January For Winding Up Trial

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Sep 5, 2022

New Delhii : The Supreme Court on Monday ruled favourably to plea submitted by Sessions Court judge in the actress assault case and extended deadline up to 31 January for completion of  trial.

The earlier deadline ruled by apex court time had expired last February. In the appeal submitted by Justice Honey M. Varghese, the judge sought six more months for finishing trial.
While handing extension up to 31st January of 2023, the Bench verbally advised the lower court conduct daily hearings of the case and be done with it in time. Everybody should cooperate towards trial proceedings, said the SC’s Monday order.

The Actress Assault Case of 2017: In the case the survivor, a popular actress, was  on way from her Thrissur home when she was  waylaid on the outskirts of Kochi by a gang. After hi-jacking her car, the prime accused, Pulsar Suni, molested her and captured visuals of the act on mobile The entire  crime is alleged to have been  perpetrated at behest of actor Dileep.