28 February Sunday

Action Plan To Upscale Covid Vaccination in State; Next Phase To Begin After Feb 15

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Jan 23, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : The Health Department  is formulating meticulous Action Plan to raise vaccination levels and  punctually carryout phase-2 inoculations, the Health Minister KK Shailaja informed on Saturday. Added vaccination centres will be set up across the state on immediate basis. There were 133 centres installed in the first phase. However with arrival of larger loads of the vaccine, more number of centres are being arranged for with present tally standing at 144.  The target aimed  is 249 centres in the first phase. 38 centres will be added to existing ones in Ernakulam and 30 more at Thiruvananthapuram. Each district will have a minimal of 14 vaccination centres,  the minister said.

The health workers vaccinated in the first phase will become due for their next dose on 13 February. Therefore the first phase inoculation including the follow-up dose has to be completed by Feb 15, so it becomes possible to begin the next phase soon after. This smooth carryover calls for  a meticulously charted action plan, said the minister.

Currently vaccines are being administered 4 days a week namely Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The time will however be extended once facilities across the districts are upscaled.  Under no circumstances shall lapse occur in case of vaccination for children. To ensure this, hospitals that are equipped to vaccinate children may operate inoculations on Wednesday too, in order to make up for the ones that lack the facility. The District Task Force will issue decision in this regard.

It has been observed how several health workers could not get themselves vaccinated in time, owing to varied circumstances. To resolve this, it has now been  decided to issue prior-information of at least 48 hours before the vaccination date. Also, the centres have been instructed to vaccinate other registered health workers  in place for those who might not be able to make it on the appointed day.

Once the vaccination of all health workers is done with, the next phase will inoculate frontline workers. There are a total of 4,87,306 persons registered for the vaccine in the category of health and frontline workers. 1,86,017 health workers from the govt sector and 2,07,328 from the state’s private sector together totaling to 3,93,345  have registered for covid vaccination. Additionally, there are also 2965 health workers from the central govt sector registered for the vaccine. Currently, frontline covid fighters are being vaccinated. 75,572 personnel from the Home Department, 6,600 Municipal workers and 8,824 Revenue staff too are registered for the vaccine.