04 February Saturday

Action Against Those Spreading Wrong Notion On Curriculum Reforms : Min Sivankutty

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Thursday Nov 17, 2022

Kozhikode: There will be action against those who spread false notion on curriculum revisal, said Education Minister V Sivankutty. Some unnecessarily are creating controversy around topics like gender equality, uniform, sex education etc. With regard to uniform, the Education Department will recognise any decision the local self body and the concerned PTA comes up on jointly, the minister told media.

The curriculum revision is one that upholds the diversity, religious values, secularism  and so forth of our society. It would be two years before the revised curriculum comes into implementation. It is the first time in the country that views  of the student community, parents and members in general public is being incorporated to formulate revisions to curriculum. The curriculum would be a public oriented one  and not one that sways to any particular religion or section of the society, the minister said.

The minister was speaking with reporters after attending a discussion with students of Kandamkuzhi Government HS in Kozhikode.