05 April Sunday

Accused Serial Killer Jolly Attempts Suicide in Jail : Kozhikode

Web Desk‌Updated: Thursday Feb 27, 2020

KOZHIKODE : In an ironic twist, Jolly – the woman incriminated in the murders of 6 family members over 14 years – this time attempted to take her own life in her prison cell, a discovery made in the early hours of Thursday morning. According to police, Jolly slashed  the vein on her wrist to kill herself.  

In view of possible attempt for suicide, police kept her in a cell with women prisoners, who kept a close watch for anything out or ordinary.  Around 4 am today, one of the women noticed blood spots near Jolly,  who lay completely covered with quilt pulled over.  Authorities rushed to the scene and transported  her  to Kozhikode Medical College, where her condition is said to be stable. She appears calm and composed, police said. 

Jail authorities reportedly arrange regular counseling sessions for Jolly for mental well being. They are now looking to find the object she used to slit her wrist and also how she secured it.

Jolly, in her lust for wealth and new lease of life,  allegedly murdered six people beginning with her mother-in-lay Annama Thomas(57) in 2002 followed by her father-in-law Tom Thomas in 2008,  husband Tom Thomas in 20011, Annamma’s brother Mathew Majadiyil in 2014, her current husband’s two-year-old son Alphine Shaju and his wife Sily Shaju in 2016. Based on a complaint lodged by her former brother-in-law Rojo Thomas, a resident in US. Kozhikode rural police began investigations that led to the spate of cold blooded murders that shocked the entire nation.