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Court Approves Narco Test On Man Who Chopped Live-in Partner’s Body To 35 Pieces

Anita SasiUpdated: Wednesday Nov 16, 2022


New Delhi : The Delhi court today granted consent  for police to conduct narco test on Aftab Poonawala, the cold-blooded killer who murdered his 25-year-old live-in partner Shraddha and dismembered her body into 35 pieces before scattering the mortal portions in a jungle to cover up his tracks.

The Delhi police sought narco tests after the accused continued to evade crucial questions.

The couple Shraddha Walker and Aftab Poonawala are both residents of Mumbai’s Vasai met through a dating site. A relationship developed -  one that Shraddha’s parents opposed owing its inter-faith factor.

Shraddha left her parents home early this year and the couple visited tourist spots in northern India before settling down at a rented house in Delhi.

Investigations show, Aftab murdered Shraddha just 10 days into their stay at Delhi. After killing and disposing her body parts, Aftab used her mobile phone to transfer her money to his own bank account on 26 May – a crucial evidence that crumbled his claim that Shraddha simply left the house on 22 May taking her mobile with her and never returned since.

According to Shraddha’s father, she said Aftab was domestically abusive, beating her often. Though he asked the daughter to stay back home and leave Aftab, she joined him again after he apologised.

Aftab admitted to meeting more women through the dating app after the murder and bringing them over for sex at home, even as Shraddha’s body parts remained stored in the refrigerator.  Aftab showed police the various places he threw Shraddha’s remains.

Still this calculated killer has  just too many holes in his story and continues to mislead, sending police to seek a narco test to crack the case wide open.