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4 BJP Workers Arrested For Hate Sloganeering In Thalassery

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Dec 7, 2021

Kannur : Four BJP workers are arrested for hate sloganeering in Thalassery. Those taken by police are Dharmadam Palyode native Shiji, Kannavam native R Rajith, VV sharath and Maloor native Sreerag. 15 more have been identified as participants in the melee, said Thalassery SI Sanal Kumar.

The accused shouted slogans saying Muslim mosques shall be destroyed. The incident occurred close to old bus stand at a rally commemorating Jayakrishnan Master’s anniversary. The inflammatory lines were spelt in presence of the party seniors.

Police booked their case after video footage surfaced of the slogans. The accused have been charged under sec 143,147 .153a and 149 of IPC -  guilt for  inciting communal violence and call for riots.