17 August Wednesday

Must Face Trial In Protest Inside Assembly : Supreme Court

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday Jul 28, 2021

New Delhi : The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that respondents in 2015 case relating to protests inside Assembly must face trial. The verdict, handed by Justices DY Chandrachudh and MR Shah,  came over petition submitted by the state government seeking to quash the case.

On the day in question, protest rose over alleged  corruption of then ruling government. When Opposition MLAs raised protest, the Treasury Bench attacked them leading to several members including women sustaining injuries. The matter ended there. It is meaningless to be dragging for action over it, argued senior advocate representing the state government, Ranjit Kumar.

In the case, senior advocates  Jaydeep Gupta  and PS Sudhir represented MLAs EP Jayarajan, V Sivankutty, CK Sadasivan, KT Jaleel, K Kunjumohammad and K Ajit.