28 February Sunday

20 Lakh Jobs in 5 Years; Govt Job Portal To Launch in February

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Sunday Jan 24, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Government job portal designed  to ensure job for 20 lakh persons over next five years will come into being in February. Registration for job aspirants too will commence at the time.

The project was announced in state budget. The portal will begin functioning from April. The employment portal is set up on urgent basis to take advantage of employment potential ensuing from coronavirus pandemic. Globally, over 50 lakh people had working across digital platforms linked to their offices. During the pandemic, that figure rose to 3 crore and it is expected to soar to 18 crore over next five years. Work from home would be in fashion and Kerala is set to take advantage of the scenario, finance minister had said.

Around 5 lakh women professionals are currently working from home. There are another 40 lakh educated women who can work similarly. Of these, 16 lakh are registered with the employment exchange. The numbers of those eligible for the job market  exceeds 60 lakh. The govt job portal seeks to arrange ‘work near home’ or ‘work from home’ mode for these individuals. On their side, the companies both with centralised and decentralized hiring policies can make their  pick  from  candidates registered at the portal.