07 June Wednesday

19-Year-Old Pettah Youth’s Murder: Culprit Admits To Coldblooded Killing

Anita SasiUpdated: Friday Dec 31, 2021

Photo : East Coast Daily

Thiruvananthapuram : Accused in the 19-year-old Aneesh’s murder in Pettah finally admits to premeditated killing – something  the police long suspected from circumstances surrounding the crime.

The culprit, Simon Lalan, first maintained that he stabbed Aneesh George around 4 on Wednesday morning, mistaking him to be an intruder. However, much from the crime scene and Lalan’s conflicting statements simply did not add up. Police intensified questioning and Lalan finally  came clean with true version of events. He confessed to planning the murder from his resentment for Aneesh over latter’s closeness to his older daughter and friendship with rest of the family.

On the fateful morning, Lalan stabbed Aneeesh repeatedly in the chest and neck using knife he had concealed for the deed. His wife and daughters tried hard to stop the assault, but Aneesh was fatally injured and died. Police have not been able to find the murder weapon and are also to yet confirm if Aneesh was called over to Lalan’s house at 3 am to walk into the fatal trap. For this, the call records of family members on both sides shall be forensically examined, said police.