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15000 Startup Launches In 4 Years; Enterprises To Flourish

Web Desk(TvmUpdated: Thursday Feb 23, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram : The number of new startup launches will rise to 15,000 in the next four years, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. Currently,  40,000 jobs have been generated by the way 4000 startups, said, CM  announcing the 35th anniversary of the State Women's Development Corporation and KR Gouriamma Endowment.

Women participation in entrepreneurship should be expanded further in State. The women’s lag witnessed  in work and industrial sector should be addressed. Of the 1.33 lakh enterprises started  in Entrepreneur Year, 43,000 belong to women. These startups were able to generate a total of 2.8 lakh jobs and mobilize  investments to the tune  of Rs.8000 crores.

The government guarantee for  Women's Development Corporation loans have increased six-fold after  LDF came to power. In 2016, the govt guarantee amounted to Rs 145 crore while that figure  is Rs 845 crore now. The aim is to expand participation of women in the labor sector.

The Budget should  examine how it can benefit the women community via Work Near Home scheme envisaged by the government. The schemes for welfare and upliftment of the women community could go a long way to benefit development.  Women participation in higher education is foundation to this. Kerala is first among states on this count. The  potential of women community  should be further tapped.  Their skills must be engaged on wider scale in business, trade and entrepreneurial sector, said CM.