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Kerala is not erstwhile province; No Resident Minister Exists Above State Assembly : Pinarayi

Web Desk‌Updated: Thursday Jan 16, 2020

Malappuram : Governor is not positioned above State Government, Chief Minister said inaugurating a meet in Malappuram on Thursday, themed protecting  constitution.

“This is a democratic nation. One should be willing to accept means compliant to a democratic system. There existed Resident Ministers placed above kings in erstwhile princely provinces. There however exists no such Resident above current State Assembly. It would do good for all to remember this,” said Pinarayi. He was referring to Governor's rant over not informing him of the anti-CAA petition by filed by govt in the Supreme Court.

Divisions within the opposition is the roadblock to broader protest, CM continued. I have contacted leaders from the Opposition several times in this regard, but have yet get a response. I request them to stand united in the protest for common interest. Coming together will keep help keep one segment at bay – the terror elements, said  Pinarayi.

At the event, the chief minister also clarified there were no detention camps constructed in the State.