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14 digital artists from across the country showcase their unique works in ‘Myths and Memes’ in 14 days

NFT Art expo kickstarts at Café Papaya

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Jun 27, 2022

Kochi, June 24: An art exhibition titled ‘Myths and Memes’ involving 14 eminent NFT artists has kickstarted at Café Papaya, the art nerve center of Kerala located at Panampilly Nagar in Kochi. This NFT Creators Project is being organized by the organization named ‘101 India’.

NFT on the digital platform asserts the ownership of the artist over his work with no possibility for copying by anyone. There will be only one unique buyer and owner for each work. Without the help of curators or galleries, hundreds of young and new artists become famous and rich through NFT.

A lot of youngsters are buying NFT artworks paying handsome sums proving that the future belongs to digital art.  Famed auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s have already held NFT art auctions worth US$ 250 million in 2021. With Metaverse becoming universal, multinational firms will need NFT artists in large numbers.

The 14 artists displaying works at the ‘Myths and Memes’ exhibition being held from June 24 to July 6 include Reshidev R K, Vidya aka Vabyvel, Archan Nair, Vimal Chandran, Rima Kallingal, Ajay Menon, Prasad Bhat, Sachin Samson, Satish Acharya and Merkabah Boards. The 101 India collaborating artists in the event are Shaizy Umar, Fahd Hussein, Rajni Gadhvi, Varun Desai and Jibin Joseph.

“101India has always believed in telling stories first. We’ve always believed in our creators and working with the creative community. 101India has launched NFT Creators Project with some of the best artist communities across India,” said Jaydeep Singh, Founder and MD, I01 India, and the Offbeat Media Group.

“The 101 India's NFT Creators Project taps into the new progression in storytelling, creating a bridge between ancient myths and digital memes, hitting a cultural milestone and celebrating the memetics. Stories are always recreated and reapplied into the life of each new generation in unique ways as storytellers of each generation add their own interpretations leading to meaningful conversations. New creators are paying homage to earlier ones by revisiting myths and creating new stories, art and memes. Myths answer timeless questions while memes give instant gratification. ‘Myths & Memes’ narrates complex thoughts in simplified stories,” said Jaydeep Singh adding ‘101 India’ would soon be announcing a full-year line up of NFT Creators Project with new themes across India and a few global markets.

“NFT Art unlocks enormous possibilities with the shift from Web.2 to Web.3. The national boundaries in art will dissolve with it. You can buy or sell any digital asset using blockchain-friendly cryptocurrency. The author can protect the authenticity of each work. Till recently the artists in the animation VFX areas did not have such an identity. Through NFT Art, they can exhibit their creativity and get remunerated also.,” said Vimal Chandran, curator, Myths and Memes.

“Last 10 years Cafe Papaya has been involved with various music, cinema and art projects in Kochi. Being a photographer/cinematographer, I have been exploring the NFT space for the past one year. And now to host this unique NFT artists exhibition at Cafe Papaya, we are very excited,” said Ajay Menon, co-founder of Café Papaya.