20 August Saturday

Vijay Babu Arrested; Will Take To Gather Evidence

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Jun 27, 2022

Kochi :  Police have recorded arrest of actor - director Vijay Babu in connection with case on  his alleged molestation of a new face  actress who he offered role in his movies. The arrest came about when he appeared for questioning at Kochi South police station.

The High Court issued  Vijay directions asking to attend  7-day questioning starting today.  Since the actor is on anticipatory bail the court allowed, further procedures would be moved as per court directions. Vijay will be subject to questioning up to 3rd of July. The court-permitted time for questioning is 9 am morning to 6 pm.  The investigating team will tour Vijay to locations for evidence-building.

Vijay had obtained bail on a bond of five lakh rupees on June 22 that requires him to be present in the state, appear before investigators for questioning and in no way, either through social media or otherwise, attempt to humiliate the victim or her family.

Backdrop : A young movie aspirant lodged complaint with police on 26 April, accusing Vijay Babu of sexually abusing her on promise of giving her roles in his upcoming  film productions. When news of the complaint broke, Vijay Babu, came up Live on Facebook and named the victim attracting a second case against him. Shortly after, he fled to Dubai and returned to Kerala last Wednesday, after 39 days on the run.