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Various Aspects of Cinema Discussed Threadbare at Workshop

Web Desk‌Updated: Tuesday Dec 12, 2017

Vidhu Vincent and Dheer Mohaya at the workshop

Thiruvananthapuram> Delegates at the film festival got an opportunity to interact with film personalities from across the nation, at a workshop conducted as part of the 22nd edition of the International Film Festival of Kerala, on Tuesday. The workshop organized at the Hotel Appolo Dimora here witnessed discussions on a slew of topics, ranging from screenplay writing to funding initiatives for film making.

Renowned film maker Aruna Raje Patil’s new book ‘Freedom My Story’ was released by festival director Kamal at the workshop by handing over the first copy to renowned film critic Uma Da Cunha. Famed film personalities UrumiJuvekar, Judy Gladstone, Apoorva Agarwal and Sanjay Ram led a series of sessions.

“It’s good that women of cinemathese days are speaking up on things, unlike what had been seen in the olden days, saidArunaRaje. “There is a kind of intolerance prevailing in our society. Nobody wants to hear or listen to things what others say,” sheadded.

Leading film maker Urmi Javekar led a class on Scripting-Packaging and Pitching. Pointing out that film making is after all a business, she said, “You take money and you are supposed to payback. You should start making films keeping this in mind,” she said.

Judy Gladstone, Executive Director of the National Board of the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC), and Apoorva Agarwal, Business head, Wishberry, led a session on ‘Funds for Scripting’.

The first day of the two-day workshop concluded with a session on “Funding Initiatives and the Digital Space,” by Sanjay Ram, Film Critic, followed by an open forum discussion.
The second day of the workshop will have sessions handled by prominent film personalities including Geethu Mohandas, Anup Singh, Vidhu Vincent, Amit Masurkar,AlessandreSpeciale, Cary Sawhney, Rima Das, and Daria Gai.