10 June Saturday

Two premieres in International Section

Web Desk‌Updated: Monday Dec 11, 2017

A STill from I still hide to smoke

Thiruvananthapuram>Malayalam film ‘Two Persons’ and French film ‘I Still Hide to Smoke’ will be having their premiere shows at the IFFK 2017. Six flicks including the international premiere of ‘Two Persons’ and Indian premiere of ‘I Still Hide to Smoke’ will be screening in the International Competition category today.

Poster of the Movie Randuper

Poster of the Movie Randuper

‘Two Persons’ directed by debut filmmaker Prem Shankar, unveils the story of a young man’s life experiences and circumstances caused on the backdrop of demonetization. The debut feature film of Rayhana, ‘I Still Hide to Smoke’ portrays the life of two women on different states. ‘Smoke’ follows a day in the life of Fatima who runs a hammam and a handful of characters. Pushing the plot along is the story of Meriem, an expectant who is being chased by her vengeful brother. These will be premiered at Tagore theatre.

Sanju Surendran’s ‘Garden of Desire’, Sabit Kurmanbekov’s ‘Returnee’, Ali Ghavitan’s ‘White Bridge’ and Ayub Qanir’s ‘The World of Which We Dream Doesn’t Exist’ are the other four screening in the IC today.