20 March Monday

“Parliamentary Democracy Came From Overseas”; Would Governor Then Acknowledge Democracy, Asks P. Rajeev

Web Desk‌Updated: Tuesday Sep 20, 2022

Kochi: Does Governor acknowledge democracy, said Law Minister P. Rajeev, adding that, the governor  must conduct himself in line with his post.

The system of parliamentary democracy came from overseas. And, cabinet form of democracy ? Well that too originated abroad. So will there be no acknowledging these systems or would age-old king rule or imperialism be a preferred option. For raised in that era, may be it sounds alright, said Law Minister P. Rajeev.

When a Bill comes passed from the Assembly, it t belongs there. There must be signature lend to it. If there is ambiguity or doubt, the Governor can ask for clarity. The Bill may  even be sent back to  the House. But if it comes back again after passing the Assembly either in its old form or in alignment to Governor’s suggestions or some other form, the document must mandatorily be signed by the Governor, said P. Rajeev.

Our country has a parliamentary system. In that, the government must function according to dictums of the Constitution. The Governor is not the Executive. In  Perarivalan Vs State, the Supreme Court has made this amply clear when it says the bridge connecting Legislative and Executive is hinged by the Executive, said P. Rajeev.