29 June Wednesday

Nishiddho’:The tale of forbidden desires and Unrequited dreams to enrich IFFK

IFFK UpdateUpdated: Saturday Mar 19, 2022

Graciously built on the pavement laid for the women directors in Kerala to strike their chances and thrive in the art of filmmaking. Tara Ramanujan’s ‘Nishiddho’s first show will take place in the International Competition category on the third day of IFFK.

The film will be screened in Tagore Theatre, at 6:45 pm, in the auspicious presence of the director.

Drawn from the uncertain times of migrant crisis all around the country, ‘Nishiddho’ comes from Kerala with a tinge of pain, drenched in a colourful past. The story becomes a metonymy of the struggles of migrant workers from West Bengal and Tamil Nadu who share both the boon and bane of being in the migrant community, a home away from their homelands.

Rudra, a migrant from Bengal seeks the help of a Tamil midwife for the funeral of his uncle, who fell off from a construction site. This tale of an unrequited love loop, entangled between an idol worker from Bengal and a midwife from Tamil Nadu in the terrain of God’s own Country cuts open the grim lights of Calcutta and revolves around the stories of each character and their fates that brought them together in a land which they now feel like their second home.

‘Nishiddho’ (Forbidden)  is one of the two movies, born from the initiative of KSFDC’s (Kerala State Film Development Corporation) Women empowerment filmmaking project.