26 March Sunday

India @75 : Thoughts of a Citizen

ABIN RAJ R. S.Updated: Friday Aug 12, 2022


It has been seven and a half decades since India became independent after ending the colonial rule through a struggle that attracted the attention of the world. Along with political independence, the National Movement also emphasized what an independent India should look like. As an independent nation we have achieved many achievements So Seven and a half decades of Independence is one that will create happy moments in the minds of all those who love India .

Seven and a half decades is not a short period of time, it is a period of time that is enough to change a country within its confines. In that sense, the dream of transforming a comprehensive, complete and progressive nation is possible, and it is only when we think in this way that we can gain more insight into how to approach independence - Those who participated in the national independence and were martyred, those who suffered a lot, those who sacrificed, those who lived and died as living beings, they had an India in all their dreams , have they been able to make their dream come True ?

An India Without poverty ,Without starvation, The woman is not hurt, Child labor free , Without Illiterates , Without caste discrimination, Without unemployment have we been able to make that dream a reality?

It is True that The relevance of Ambedkar's ideas on democracy has increased in these days when communal fascist politics and neo-liberal capitalist policies are burning away constitutional values. It is the duty of every democratic believer to resist it. As long as men struggle for a world free of caste exploitation and inequality, we must not let him fade into oblivion and also Sectarianism has become a major threat. A significant percentage of the youth are unemployed. Common people including farmers have to struggle for survival. Today's Independence Day celebrations should be imbued with thoughts to transform India into a free sovereign state with socialism, secularism and democracy as envisioned by our Constitution

That done,  freedom turns to Nectar.
There is no doubt that in many respects we have been able to move forward in this , We have been able to make great strides in many areas but Independence Day should be an incentive to think a little more about the realities of life in India today in the light of claims.

Here we have a model that is our Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi himself , Gandhi walked into one of the darkest slums on the other side of the city without attending any of the Independence Day celebrations in the city center. There is a message in Mahatma’s work that if you indulge in surface celebrations, you will not know the inner nettle. Independence Day should also be seen as a step towards thinking of new missions to be undertaken by anyone who can embody its humanitarian and patriotic message .

 It is Indeed to remind Jawaharlal Nehru at this time ,  he is one of the most influential political figures in the history of modern India. His long and self-sacrificing leadership in the freedom struggle and the statesmanship that made India a modern republic make his place unique in history. Nehru upheld progressive values ​​against the conservatism within the nationalist movement. He firmly believed that it was not enough to end the British rule, but if freedom was to be meaningful, a society in which scientific awareness, secularism and equality had developed should take place.

Nehru implemented planning projects following the Soviet model as part of his efforts to bring the benefits of development to the grassroots level. He intervened to strengthen the public sector. Promoted secular ideas. Projects were implemented to create scientific awareness among the people. Nehru became the flag bearer of peace and freedom at the global level through his policy of non-alignment and we are now passing through a period where whatever values ​​Nehru stood for are being severely attacked and forgotten even by his followers. Those who claim to be successors adopt Nehru's opposite thoughts and the path he took and Communal forces have gained strength in the country.- There is constant encroachment against the basic values ​​of democracy and constitution. Massive privatization is being done by destroying the public sector. Inequality has grown staggeringly.

"Where the mind is without frea, there the head is held high" - Rabindranath Tagore
India was able to break the chains of British imperialism and become an independent country as a result of the struggles of people who cherished the dream shared by Tagore. It is time to start traveling deeper through the history of those struggles. By taking back our nationalism, which was rich in visions of liberation, anti-imperialism and equality, we can rid ourselves of the sectarian, communal, inhuman and religious fascist nationalism and make the word freedom meaningful. Let's make our country the most prosperous and peaceful country in history and Let’s Move Towards the day when our country will become a colorful state of Pluralism and to that good day where all humans became Equal

There was a time when Independence existed only as a dream. An anti-colonial struggle made it a reality. Every August 15th reminds us that freedom and independence are inseparable from the idea of equality. and , let's take the pledge that we will liberate our country from the shackles of poverty, caste discrimination, gender inequality, communal ideologies, sectarianism & all social injustices to recapture the meaning of freedom in all its glory.

Happy Independence Day