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AKG - Beacon for the fighting generations.

ABIN RAJ R. S.Updated: Tuesday Mar 22, 2022

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When Nehru became the Prime Minister after the elections in independent India, the voice of active opposition in the House was raised by AKG. Was. Although the CPI did not have enough membership, it was not technically the Leader of the Opposition. KG Was the first Leader of the Opposition in India whom even Nehru respected.

Although his life ended at the age of 73, no one can forget those three letters. AKG lived a life of relentless struggle for the liberation of the motherland from the yoke of colonialism and for the people of post - independence India to live with pride. As a result, a good portion of his life was spent in prisons. He was imprisoned 20 times. Years in prison. That thunderous sound, which often broke through the stone dunes, shook the authorities - AKG had a thousand tongues when raising issues of the poor in Parliament. He would just sit back and say what he had to say , Even the first Prime Minister, Nehru, who was described as the architect of the nation, paid close attention to AKG's words. Because Nehru was sure that what he was raising would be the basic problems of the lowest strata in this country.

What comes to mind is the image of the warlord of the poor who stood with the people and pushed them forward. There is no doubt that the people of Kerala will be strengthened by the memory of AKG, who took up the sorrows and tears of the people as his own pain and rose to prominence as a person of struggle and struggle , AKG was a person who lived so closely with the lives of the people. AKG was the unstoppable energy that reddened the yesterdays of militant Kerala and the beacon that guided the fighting generations. AKG is a popular leader who has left his mark as an outstanding parliamentarian and a stalwart of the peasant movement.

AK Gopalan was an Indian working class leader, parliamentarian and writer. Also known as AKG for short. His full name is Ayilyath Kuttyeri Gopalan Nambiar born on October 1, 1904 in Peralassery, Kannur district. He was a teacher for seven years after completing his education. In 1927 he became an active member of the Indian National Congress. He resigned in 1930 and was arrested for participating in the Salt Satyagraha. AKG was an active participant in the Guruvayur Satyagraha.

The Guruvayur Satyagraha is a shining chapter in the untouchability struggle of Kerala. Its volunteer captain, AKG, was severely beaten. Later, there were untouchability struggles and banquet movements in many parts of the country and movements for freedom of movement. In all of this, there was leadership or involvement of the AKG - The Kandoth AKG in Kannur district was a struggle for the freedom of the Dalit people to lead the way. Opponents then brutally beat AKG until he fainted. It is rare for a leader to have to endure so much persecution as part of the fight against untouchability and immorality.

Wherever the people in the country were oppressed by the state and the landlord capitalist powers, AKG, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, would flee , AKG has been an enthusiastic presence in the peasant struggles in states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. The state has become a storm against terrorism, killing peasant militants in Telangana Also  AKG's tour of the villages of Andhra Pradesh, the hunger strike against the government's move to evict the farmers of Amravati, and the surplus land struggle that jumped the wall above Mudavan are important milestones in the agrarian struggle.

When Morarji Desai was the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, the government used lathi and bullets to quell the struggle of the Marathi people in Bombay. More than a dozen people were shot. The struggle waged by the AKG helped to end this state of terror. During the Emergency, AKG was active in the fight against it. The AKG left us at a time when the people were overthrowing Indira Gandhi, the dictator. AKG's speech against the state of emergency shook parliament. "We will never kneel before the authorities. We will never betray the people and the democratic values ​​of the country. History will judge us '' - those words became the thunder that shook Indira's throne.

His acquaintance with P. Krishnapillai started in jail. In 1934 he joined the Congress Socialist Party. When the Communist Party was formed, the AKG became a member.In 1937, he led the historic hunger strike from Malabar to Madras , He escaped from jail in Vellore in 1942 and spent five years in hiding. He became the main leader of the Marxist Communist Party when the Communist Party split and  has also served as a member of the Politburo of the party. AKG has been jailed for 16 years at various stages.

Recalling the words of that great communist, he said, “I may not have been able to see the birth of that spring of burdens and labors in India; My comrades can see it “ Comrade's struggles will always give us strength and excitement; I offer a handful of blood flowers in front of the memories of my dear comrade's struggles.

Lal Salaam !